How to Order

Step 1 - Getting to know your dog

We begin by getting a good understanding of your pooch’s health, by having you fill out the Pet Health Assessment Form. Every dog is unique and has unique dietary requirements, medical conditions, eating habits etc.

The PHA form is specifically designed to help us create a custom diet with the exact ingredients and portion size, that would be most beneficial for your dog’s overall health.

Pet Form

Step 3 - It’s time to cook

After thoroughly discussing the meal plan with the pet parent, we begin the cooking process in our state of the art kitchen. Maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness, the food is prepared fresh every week with the utmost care. Every meal is carefully examined for freshness.

Putting it simply, we don’t ship anything that we won’t be prepared to feed our own dogs. So rest assured, your best friend is getting the freshest food.

Step 2 - Analysis

Once we have all the facts, Rashee personally goes through the pet form comprehensively, to come up with a diet plan and portion size, that would be most beneficial for your dog’s health. Proper nutrition influences the health of a dog in more ways that you can imagine. Most health issues can be traced by to the diet and eating habits.

We come with a comprehensive week-by-week diet plan, that is easy to understand and simple to follow.

Step 4 - Delivery

The food is then packaged in BPA free, 7 layered Nylon and hand delivered right to your doorstep. Regular packaging can damage the food due to unwanted chemicals from the packaging material.

We use top quality packaging to ensure that the food remains fresh and safe from our kitchen to your fridge. New batches are shipped every week.


Is Doggie Dabbas’ packaged food or home-cooked?

At Doggie Dabbas’ we do all the hard work, so feeding your dog healthy & nutritious food is easy and convenient. Once you’ve received the food, place all the packages in the freezer asap. When its time to feed, take out a single meal, microwave it and serve it to your dog. It’s that simple. Don’t worry about the portion size. We’ve prepared each meal to the right portions.

Can I Microwave it with the packaging?

Yes, we use top quality packaging that keeps the food fresh and is microwavable. Go right ahead. Just heat & feed, then witness your pooch enjoy a delicious & nutritious meal.

Do I need to add anything more apart from the meals?

Not at all. You can mix yogurt with the meals from time to time. But we’ve included all the ingredients and nutrition that your dog requires in each meal. Overfeeding is the leading cause of obesity in dogs, we highly recommend you stick to the diet plan. You can give treats between meals. Check out our healthy treats here ( to custom diets)

How often should i feed my dog?

Based upon his/her requirements you can feed them 2-3 times a day. A feeing schedule will be discussed during the analysis phase. There is no one-rule when it comes to feeding schedule. It all depends on the kind of diet plan your dog is on and his eating habits.

Can i still feed my dog other foods?

You can of course, but ideally speaking, when we recommend a diet plan, we take into account all the nutrition that your pooch will be needing to improve and maintain his health. We take 100% accountability of our meals, which is hard to do if your dog is consuming something that we’re unaware of. Every meals is measured.

For instance, if your dog is on a weight loss diet, and you choose to give him some chicken (which is healthy), aside from the diet plan. What that does is, it adds to the already measured serving of carbs, protein and fats, that your dog requires for weight loss. So this additional serving of chicken, healthy as it may be, is actually preventing the goal of weight loss.

Certain health issues do require giving supplements, in that case we modify the diet plan accordingly.

My dog is experiencing an upset stomach after starting Doggie Dabbas? Is that normal?

With a change in diet, we need to give the dog’s digestive system time to get used to the new food. If you’re dog has not been getting the right nutrition for a long time, its very likely that his system is not used to all the nutrition and may take time adapting to the new food. That is why we recommend to all our pet parents to make the shift gradual. Even then you’re dog might experience an upset stomach, but don’t worry, it’s only temporary. We will be keeping a close contact during the first month to make sure the transition is smooth.

How do I heat the food?

Our food is vacuum packed and needs to be kept FROZEN. To serve you must defrost open and serve. Place the packet in the microwave for 1 minute intervals till defrosted and serve at room temp. You can add water if you wish to give your dog soupy food. You can even place the packet in a pot of boiling hot water for 10-15 minutes till the contents are defrosted, cut open the packet and serve at room temperature.

For any further queries, please feel free to contact us at