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" Doggie Dabbas has been an absolute blessing! Super convenient and very healthy dog food. My two babies are spoilt brats and I used to have a major issue with their food habits and tantrums. Everything changed after Doggie Dabbas was introduced to their lives and they now wait in the kitchen at least an hour before dinner time begging for their food! My babies are addicted to anything that comes out of Rashees kitchen and their health has improved drastically since they have been on her food. My retriever has hip dysplasia and Rashee customised her diet to suit her needs. She even arranged their food when the doggies were holidaying in Goa! Love Doggie Dabbas :) "

Aanchal Malhi

" My doggies absolutely love Doggie Dabbas and so do we!! Our Phoebe was on the Doggie Dabbas weight loss diet and after around 3-4 months has managed to loose 10 kgs and reach her optimum weight. Phoebe before was lazy, lethargic and now has been transformed into a young, energetic puppy. Nikki our Ranbaxy animal tested Beagle always had very bad gastro since the time she has come to us. Years passed by and she used to be at the vets place every week. We tried all brands of dry food but nothing suited her at all. We finally found Rashee and she assured us that she would be able to customise a meal specially for her which would help her gastro. Nikki's been on her food for a few months now and we have not visited the vet even once. Being a foodie she absolutely loves her meals as well and we are happy to see her healthy! Lastly our adopted Desi puppy Zoey had bad skin since she was a few months old. Our vet finally figured out that she was allergic to wheat and the regular dry food brands (she hated them anyway) don't suit her so we switched her to Doggie Dabbas as well. She now loves her meals and has a shiny black coat. Nikki, Phoebe and Zoey drool for anything out of the Doggie Dabbas kitchen!! Thanks to Rashee we have finally managed to find tasty and healthy food for them!! "

Sadhwi Sondhi

" We wanted specially tailored nutricious food for our two little Chihuahuas, so there was no question of going to anyone else but Doggie Dabbas!!! We had heard such good things about their food quality and service, and everything we heard was absolutely true! Our little ones are thriving, they love their food and we are so happy!!!! Thank you Doggie Dabbas, you guys are doing such a wonderful job...we have recommend you to so many of our friends!!!!"

Christine Sharma

" We were dependent on asking friends and relatives to get us quality dog food from abroad for our girl, Chippy. Doggie Dabba has been god-sent. Always used to have a feeling that we are feeding processed food even as we fed raw, dehydrated brands like Addiction or The Honest Kitchen. Accessing quality dog food was an issue as well. Always liked the idea of cooking and feeding homemade food but couldn't cause of the entire family being vegetarian - Doggie Dabba fulfills this need. We have refused to go back to commercial dog food even though some of the better brands like Solid Gold are now available in India. Chippy's health has seldom been better."

Himanshu Bhai Mehta

" Hey. My dogs name is misty and she as a pup used to get super excited about her food. As she grew she started sobering and that explosive excited behaviour started calming. Your food braught back the pup in her. I saw her jump and twist for her meals now as she used to 3-4 months ago. I guess its safe to say she loves the food you make:)"

Karanbir Singh Nirmal

" When you see your dog relish each gulp, you wish it was made for you instead :D Rashee & Team are fantastic and Jeff loves DD to bits :) Helped deliver at 6am once because I was forgetful to order on time and Jeff did not have food for breakfast, goes to show the dedication and adulteration of love they have in the food :) Wishing the best and infinite woofs from Jeff :) "

Anchal Gupta

" It is an absolute pleasure to see my little one's tail wag when I get something from you. Thank you so much for your time and wonderful creations. Absolutely love Doggie Dabbas :)"

Bandini Chhabra

" So glad we found them on FB and decided to go with them for our Labrador Joey's food. Joey is a picky eater and we took a conscious call that we dont want to go with kibble as it is chemically processed. But we knew that whatever we are making for him at home is not fulfilling his nutritional requirements and at times he wont even eat it. Now with doggie dabas he immediately knows that it is his food and he is so excited as soon as we open the packets. He gulps the whole food and cleans his bowls as if they have been washed. After he has his food the happiness is clearly visible in his eyes. To top it all they have a solution to everything like even packing the food in case we want to go to some place for few days. Awesome work from these guys ."

Snigdha Garg

"Being on various dog communities here on Facebook, I see cancer and other diseases take their toll. Saying that, I am blessed to have found Rashee and her Doggie Dabbas via Sadhavi Sondhi. Not only does my 16 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback do exceedingly well on her food, he hasn't had any health issues (knock on wood) since. Not only is the Doggie Dabbas food fresh and great smelling, it's well balanced. I wouldn't dream of feeding my dog anything else! Keep up the good work Rashee and Doggie Dabbas!"

Aastha Bahl

" Coming from a place with my little boy having a sensitive stomach n fussy with food to loving every last small little piece left in that bowl, Doggie Dabbas Hats Off to your product. A grade quality and great line of treat products too! Thanks to you Rashee, Thor seems like a stable and healthy boy again. To all pet parents, you can't miss this product!! "

Binaisha Deshmukh Datta

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