Why Doggies Dabbas?

 It is important to understand that cooking for your dogs at home is not enough. A lot of the minerals and protein content is lost in the cooking process which results in your dog having various issues like itching, excessive shedding and obesity. Doggie Dabbas meals are completely balanced and ensure your dog gets the required nutrients. We understand every dog is an individual and may have different needs. Based on our assessment of your dogs lifestyle, weight and age we come up with a diet plan specific to your dog itself. This allows us to create plans for say obese dogs and see a dramatic reduction in their weight.

In an age where we are becoming increasingly health conscious about what we eat, Doggie Dabbas understands the need to extend that care to man's best friend.

Dogs and Cats have the genetic ability to live upto 20-25 years yet we are continually seeing a lower mortality age due to low quality but convenient foods available in the market. Doggie Dabbas aims to bridge the gap between convenience and quality food, providing you both right at your doorstep.

With more and more people welcoming dogs not just into their home but also into their families, we at Doggie Dabbas look forward to a long and bright future with them and their wonderful pets.