Barkday Bundle (Veg)

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Is your furry family member vegetarian like you? No reason they can't have the best Barkday ever with our Vegetarian Birthday Bundle!

This Bundle Contains:

  • Poochmate Birthday Bandana x 1 

For your fur babies special day choose the perfect accessory! Choose Barkdayboy OR Birthday Babe depending on your dog's gender. Don't forget to choose your preferred size based on your pooch's breed. 

  • Cheese Jerky (100gms) x 1 

A single ingredient, high protein treat made with only Cottage Cheese. Cottage Cheese is rich in Calcium and healthy fats. 

  • Berryblast Cheese Jerky (100gms) x 1

A decadent mix of cottage cheese, blueberries & cranberries. Our Cheese Jerky sticks are good to help maintain dental hygiene. 

  • freshibble - Cottage Cheese & Vegetables (100gms) x 1

A delicious vegetarian meal for your pooch on the go! Freeze dried & dehydrated ingredients retain all nutrients for a burst of vitamins & minerals. 

  • Peanut Butter (100gms) x 1

It's not a Barkday Bundle without an extra special treat! Peanuts are a good source of Vitamin E, Proteins and Heart Healthy Fats. Simply let your doggie lick it off a spoon or drizzle over fruits! If your dog is being fussy mix a dollop into their food!

  • Muttella (100gms) x 1

A delicious spread of almond butter, carob & honey. Almonds are rich in protein and Vitamin E, Carob is high in fibre and aids in digestion. 


*Always keep fresh drinking water available for your pet

*These products are High in protein and NOT suitable for pets with renal/kidney issues 

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