Puppy Power Bundle

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The perfect way to introduce your puppy to delicious & healthy treats. Your first step as a Pet Parent to feeding your little one the right food for them! 

Our Puppy Power Bundle would also make a great gift for new puppy pet parents! 

Puppies are sensitive to change so make sure you gradually introduce any new food item to them to see how their system reacts. 


This Bundle contains:

  • Chicken Jerky (85gms) x 1

A High protein single ingredient treat, guaranteed to satisfy even the toughest barkbuds! You can break the sticks into small pieces and use as training treats for your puppy! 

  • Liver It Up (100gms) x 1

Chicken Liver is a nutritional powerhouse! Packed with Iron and vital vitamins & minerals liver is a good source of protein, fats and Omega 6. Chicken liver is essential for puppies as it is a rich source of Vitamin A, which is required for proper growth, neurological & muscular development. A must have in every puppies treat set! 

  • (V) Berryblast Cheese Jerky (100gms) x 1

A decadent mix of cottage cheese, blueberries & cranberries. Our Cheese Jerky sticks are good to help maintain dental hygiene and keep your puppies teething woes at bay!

  • (V) Peanut Butter (170gms) x 1

Peanut Butter is a wonderful addition to your doggie's diet. Peanuts are a great source of heart healthy fats, protein, Vitamin B, Niacin & Vitamin A. 

Serve as a snack and let your dog lick it off the spoon or stuff into a dog toy for some interactive fun! 

Drizzle on fruits for fussy eaters or use to bake your own biscuits. 


*Always keep fresh drinking water available for your pet

*These products are high in protein and NOT suitable for dogs with renal/kidney failure 


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Puppy Power Bundle