Simply stated, we are your doggie’s second best friend. Yes, you are their first best friend for taking time out to visit this site. Officially speaking, we are dog food nutritionists and dieticians based in Gurgaon. It gives us immense pleasure to help pet parents and dog professionals by providing nutritional information that helps improve the dog's health.

Every dog is different and requires special care! Doggie Dabbas was founded in 2011 to ensure every dog receives appropriate nutrition with food customized for his or her needs. We believe every dog is more than a pet, they are more like family members and we help you treat your dog just like that.



Our beloved furry friends are unfortunately voiceless. Bringing a dog home is a huge responsibility. It is like having a permanent baby. They will at no point learn to cook for themselves or go out with their friends without you or not want you around. They will be permanently dependent on you & will love you unconditionally. We truly believe, until you experience love from a pet, you have not experienced love at all!

In 1964 the Pet Food Institute, a lobbying group for the now-gigantic pet food industry, began a campaign to get people to stop feeding their dogs anything but packaged dog food. They funded "reports" that appeared in magazines, detailing the benefits of processed dog food, and even produced a radio spot about "the dangers of table scraps." This led to a huge shift in the way dogs & cats were fed. Kibble was suddenly the best and only ‘complete’ food for our beloved pets. However, dogs were not meant to eat small round crunchy biscuits on a daily basis. These heavy carbohydrate and grain filled foods created a large number of health problems.

Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen” - Orhan Pamuk. Well, we listened and we created Doggie Dabbas especially fur them!


Diet plans are important, we all know this. A balanced diet plan will ensure maximum nourishment and continuous growth. A proper diet keeps your pet dog healthy and happy. The diet requirements differ with every dog and needs an update from time to time. Which is why Doggie Dabbas customizes, monitors and upgrades your dog's food for every new requirement.
One of the many things we have in common with the dogs is our love for treats. A delicious treat can instantly change your mood and could be the silver lining for the complete day. Dogs are no different and why should they be? They deserve treats as much as we do, but their treats are a little different from ours, so we at Doggie Dabbas have created a unique range of treats for our four legged friends.
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